Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Custom Horror-Inspired 3DS Skin from Gelaskins

After wanting a Nintendo 3DS for what felt like forever, I finally had the opportunity to get one thanks to a sweet deal from my bank. Because I signed up for direct deposit when I opened the account a few months ago, they sent me an Amazon gift card to spend on whatever I wanted. After scouring the new and used listings on Amazon, I finally found a used 3DS in good condition for only $99... The catch? It was pink.

Pink is easily my least favorite color, but I couldn't turn down the deal when the least expensive black one was $50 more and I wanted to be able to buy a few games using the gift card as well. I went ahead and ordered the pink one, figuring I could easily cover it with a case or skin.

I spent days browsing Amazon, eBay and Etsy in search of a skin I liked to no avail. All of the decent looking ones were made for the XL, and none of the regular ones would come even close to covering all of the pink on my system. I was just about to suck it up and deal when I discovered Gelaskins, a company that makes custom skins for laptops, smart phones and gaming consoles. Their skin still wouldn't cover all of the pink, but it would cover most of it, which gave me the idea to pick a design that would complement the color while still transforming my 3DS into something I wouldn't hate looking at.

I went through the photos I have saved on my computer and found a nice pale pink design covered in monsters, skeletons, bats and an assortment of other creepy little things that I used to have as my desktop background. (Please see the update added to the end of this post.)  Formatting the design to fit a 3DS was incredibly simple using Gelaskins' virtual designer, and in less than 10 minutes my custom skin had been designed and ordered.

Here's what the preview of my design looked like on the Gelaskins website.

"Whole Lot of Horror" Design by Josh Ln
And here's what it looked like when it arrived about a week later, along with the aforementioned hideous pink 3DS:

I suck at applying decals, screen protectors and similar things, so I had my mom apply it for me on Christmas Eve (she's like the sticker ninja). With several adult beverages in her system, she was able to get all six parts on it perfectly in about 15 minutes, so I assume that means these skins are pretty easy to apply. Most of the original pink is covered completely, and it doesn't look bad where it does show through because it matches perfectly with the totally rad design on the skin.

I'm beyond impressed with the look and quality of my horror-inspired skin, and so far it's holding on tough with zero creases or peeling edges. Considering it was the only thing I bought out of pocket for my 3DS and it cost less than $30 including shipping, I'm extremely happy. However, I think I've developed a bit of an addiction, as I'm now jonesing to buy a Gelaskin for my phone and Xbox as well.

(UPDATE: Many thanks to Corrine at Stuck With Pins for informing me that the artist behind this design is Josh Ln. He has tons of incredible illustrated odds and ends for sale over on Society 6, which I was unaware of when I selected this design. It was never my intention to use a design an independent artist was selling through another platform, I simply found it on Tumblr or some similar site months ago with no source attached and had it saved on my hard drive to use as a desktop background. Even though I had this made solely for my own personal use and enjoyment, I still feel bad. Many apologies to Josh Ln for my use of this design without permission, and I encourage anyone reading this post to check out the many, many things you can order from him in this print here.)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, Weirdos

Just stopping in to wish you and your's a happy holiday from me and mine!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Touring 'The Walking Dead' Part III // Esco Feed Mill

It's been awhile since I last shared photos of my rogue 'Walking Dead' tour, but you might remember that the kind owners of the Elder's Mill campsite and waterfall pointed us toward an abandoned service station that was used for filming in the first half of season four. They also recommended a few other nearby locations, but we had plans to attend a guided tour at 2pm so we only had time to make a five minute pit stop at the service station before we had to get back on the road. 

Our plan was to attend a tour of the Esco Feed Mill and barn offered by Walkin' Dead Tours in Haralson. In case you need a refresher, the mill was used fairly heavily for filming in season 3 and is included in the opening credits of the show. The tour was supposed to take us inside the mill where Rick and the Governor had their "peace talk" in season three, show us where Merle staged his failed ambush on the Governor and we were supposed to get stand where the Governor killed Merle. Needless to say, we were pretty stoked, and actually passed on going to another tour in Grantville to go to this one. 

Photo Sources: The Walking Dead Locations and AMC
Their Facebook page said tours were offered at 2pm on Sundays, but when we arrived, the door was chained shut, the place was empty and we had zero luck reaching the owners on the phone. Turns out, they don't offer tours in the winter, which we didn't see anywhere on their page nor was their a sign on the door saying so, which I'm still kind of pissed about since we drove over an hour for this tour. I actually found out about the whole winter closing thing after I was already home in Denver. Boo. 

My dad wanted to give up and head home, but my brother, his girlfriend and I were determined to get at least a few photos of the outside of the place even if we couldn't go in. There were 'No Trespassing' signs everywhere, which we respected and made no attempts to get inside any of the buildings no matter how tempting it was. 

These are by far my favorite photos of the day, and even though I'm bummed that we couldn't go inside or take the actual tour, I'm glad we still stopped by. I definitely want to visit the mill again, so maybe we'll get a chance to take the tour for real when I visit again in May. 

I still have one final location to share, and I'm hoping I'll have time to go through those photos by the end of the week. In case you missed the first two parts of my 'Walking Dead' tour, you can find them here and here

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Don't Shoot Me Santa // A Mixtape for Christmas Time

Believe it or not, I actually love Christmas music. From the moment Thanksgiving is over until New Year's Eve, it's pretty much the only thing I feel like listening to -- and sometimes I listen to it in the middle of the year because why the hell not? It's cheery (usually), it's awesome (in a guilty pleasure sort of way) and it's the perfect thing to lift my spirits when I'm feeling a little blue (most of the time).

I've been so stressed this holiday season that I've had a hard time really getting into the Christmas spirit the way I normally do, but I've still been kicking back with my Christmas jams in my car and at my work desk. Thanks to Spotify, I've had an endless stream of holiday tunes at my fingertips for the past week, and I've loved discovering new favorites and covers of old favorites alike.

It is the season for sharing and all, so here's a little compilation of some of my favorite holiday songs to get you pumped for putting up your tree, opening presents or planting one on an unsuspecting victim under the mistletoe this Christmas.

Don't Shoot Me Santa by Bronwyn on Grooveshark

Monday, December 9, 2013

Smith Chapel Cemetery // Mt. Zion, Georgia

Just as I have a favorite song, a favorite movie and a favorite artist, I have a favorite cemetery. It's a small set of graves off a long dirt road beside an abandoned church in Mt. Zion, Georgia, and I've yet to visit without forcing Courtney to take me out there at least once. The cemetery (and the church) were featured pretty heavily in the video Courtney and I made during my trip in January.

I really can't explain why I love the Smith Chapel Cemetery as much as I do. Most of the graves are from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many so worn down you can no longer read the names. But as you can see, someone still goes out there regularly with silk flowers, and there are different ones on the graves every time I visit. I've never seen anyone else out there, so I have no idea who does it. I imagine it could be extended family of the people buried there, or maybe just a kind stranger trying their best to honor those who time has all but forgotten.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Favorites 12.6.13

Cognitive Surplus is known for selling eco-friendly and scientifically-accurate gifts, so do I really need to tell you just how much I love their wares? Their graphic eco journals are not only awesome to look at, they're also made from 100% recycled materials. I'd like one of each, please and thanks!

I've shared some of Bonelust's creations in past Friday Favorites posts, mostly because she's a badass and I'm absolutely in love with her work. Eventually, I plan to order one of her tooth fairy necklaces so she can work her magic on my wisdom teeth, but I'm also digging on these nifty locket rings she makes

I've been trying to branch out with my wardrobe and incorporate actual color instead of my usual mix of black and gray. I've really been digging on all shades of red, and I'm having a hard time resisting the urge to add this dress to my closet.

The only upside to this bitter cold weather is the opportunity it brings to wear lots and lots of scarves. I'm been whipping up new infinity scarves like crazy the past few days, and hope to put together a video tutorial or two to share with all of you. In the meantime, I love this super simple seamless scarf DIY I found over on Delia Creates.
My collection of Ouija board odds and ends is on the upswing -- but I don't think I can ever consider it complete unless this cheese board is part of it!

I've had a lot more time to read -- and money to buy new books lately -- which has given me a sudden love for unique bookends. I'd love to have this handmade set of raven ends on my shelf!

Watched This:
"DIY Miniature Tesla Coil" // Hack n' Mod
Read This:
"Gift Guide for the Oddity Aficionado" // Stuck With Pins
"The 5 Best Places to Make (Creepy) Friends" // Cracked
Listened to This:
"Take Care" // Beach House
"Lover's Carvings" // Bibio
"Sacrilege" // Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Touring "The Walking Dead" Part II // Service Station 76

During our stop at Elder's Mill Campsite and Waterfall, the owners were kind enough to give us directions to some other filming locations just up the road that we hadn't added to our itinerary. We were in a bit of a rush to get to Haralson (more on that in a later post), so we only had time to go to one -- a tiny, abandoned service station that was used for filming in Season 4.

The 76 Service Station was where Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob ended up after losing their car to a herd of Walkers while making a run to find medication for the sick survivors back at the prison. When we saw the service station in the episode "Indifference"  just a few short weeks ago, it was covered in kudzu, filled with Walkers and had a lovely Beghilos sign outside the door.

Left: Source // Right: Source
During our visit, there was no trace of the filming that took place there, the kudzu vines were all gone and the sign outside the station was sadly absent:

While the service station certainly isn't one of the more iconic filming locations from 'The Walking Dead,' it was well worth driving five minutes out of our way to see. At the end of the day, my brother said it was his favorite location we visited, primarily because the imagery from the episode was still so fresh in his mind. Despite the fact it looked completely different from the way it looked on the show, he was still able to recognize where the van was found and where the Walkers were located inside, and he was excited to point it out to the rest of us who weren't quite as observant.

This was our shortest stop, and we only hung around for about 10 minutes before loading back up and hitting the road again. I don't have quite as many photos as I do from the other locations, but the photos I did take are some of my favorites from the day. 

I still have two more locations to share with you guys, and I'll try my best to get around to those in the next few days! In the meantime, I recommend you check out Part 1 of my rogue 'Walking Dead' tour if you haven't done so already! 
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