Saturday, February 2, 2013

a wishlist, of sorts

Wishlists seem to be a popular phenomenon in the Blogosphere, and come on, who doesn't love jumping on a bandwagon every now and then? My 23rd birthday is fast approaching (ew), so I thought I would throw together a wishlist of some of the things I'm desperately lusting after at the moment. I've had my eye on the ouija board wallet for quite some time, so I'm pretty sure I will be buying that as a gift for myself, because yes, I totally am one of those people who gets myself a present every year.


  1. I loved the whole list! I'm wishing these Black Craft shirts since a long time, I would like to have almost all their shirts, but everything is very expensive for Brazilians (the appreciation of the U.S. dollar and the shipping)...

    1. That's how I feel when I want to order from Europe most of the time. Exchange rates bum me out :(


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