Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorites 6.14.13

Can I just start this post off by saying I'm thrilled that it's finally Friday? I spent most of last weekend and this week packing and moving boxes, getting new carpet installed, putting my new furniture together, sorting through the hoard of shit I've accumulated, organizing stuff for a garage sale, DIYing everything in sight and redecorating my bedroom. Somehow I managed to squeeze work in there as well. I wish I could crawl into my new bed and do nothing but play Skyrim for a few days, but alas, I've got things to do.

Tonight I sort of get to relive my high school days, because I'm attending a prom hosted by Children's Hospital with my little sister's best friend since childhood. He had originally wanted her to go, but she has to work so I'm filling in. I'm pretty sure some major strings had to be pulled for me to go as his date since I'm a few years past high school-aged, but I'm super excited to get to be a part of this experience for someone I've known most of my life :)

But anyway. On to the Favorites!

Love is all You Need? is an incredible little short film produced by Wingspan Pictures and directed by K. Rocco Shields. It's already managed to snag 19 film festival awards, and it just might change your life. Seriously, it's by far one of the most powerful and moving things I've ever seen, and I cried like a baby through each of the seven times I watched it. It takes place in an alternate universe where being gay is the "norm" and heterosexuals are treated exactly as homosexuals are treated today. Told through the eyes of a young girl who realizes she's straight and faces persecution from everyone in her life -- including her peers and parents -- Love is all You Need? offers a unique perspective on the issue of gay rights, and also alludes to problems with traditional gender roles. I promise it's well worth spending 20 minutes of your life watching, and I can't recommend this film enough. You can watch it above, and I encourage you to share it with everyone and anyone you know.  
It's been pushing 100degrees every day this week, and I wish I could pick up a few pints of these delightfully deviant mock Ben & Jerry's flavors to beat the summer heat. These designs were put together by the fine folks over at Freddy in Space, a blog you really should be following if you love horror half as much as I do. They've created two series of ice creams already, as well as a collection of horror-themed ice cream truck treats, and I hope they never stop! Can I put in a recommendation for a Carrie-themed ice cream complete with strawberry "pig blood" swirls, please and thank you? ;) 
While we're on the subject of horror, how rad is this monster movie garter belt by Corpse Couture on Etsy?
My oral surgeon was kind enough to let me keep my wisdom teeth when I got them removed in April, and I'm seriously considering having them turned into a necklace by the lovely lass at BoneLust. All of her creations are ethically sourced, and if your want a necklace of your own, all you have to do is send her your teeth and she'll transform them into something wonderful like the example above. 
It's official! The Elder Scrolls Online will be available on the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 in 2014! Do you know what this means? I will have absolutely no life outside of gaming when it drops next year. I've been an Xbox enthusiast for years and I love my 360, but after seeing the specs they've released compared to the information Sony's offered up about their new console, I've pretty much decided that I will be converting to the cult of Playstation this holiday season. No required online connectivity, no extra charge for Netflix, no Big Brother-style policing of used games and $100 less than the Xbox One? Sold. 
This is one of my favorite odd photographs I've stumbled across recently. I kind of want to get a print made of it and hang it on my wall. 
I'm finally getting a sewing machine sometime in the next few weeks, which means no more hours spent tediously sewing by hand for this bitch. I've been searching for dresses, tops and skirts to make once my sewing area is all set up, and I love this upcycled top Jean from Extra Petite put together. 

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