Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites 8.23.13

I love these Rock, Paper, Scissors necklaces and I'm totally going to order them for Meg and Melissa! This week marks roughly 11 years since Meg and I met in 7th grade science class, and 10 years since we met Melissa at the start of 8th grade! I'm so lucky to still have them in my life over a decade later, and that we're as close as we were back in the days of sleepovers, summer breaks and passing periods. We've all had so many other friendships come and go, but the three of us have managed to stay together through high school, college, several moves, a few failed relationships, countless "what the fuck was I thinking?" moments and more. It's really quite incredible, and I can't wait to be cranky old ladies with my two favorite women.

I'm a sucker for all things anatomical, and I absolutely love this heart vase.

Brian Dettmer is an artist who creates some pretty nifty sculptures of skulls and skeletons using melted cassette tapes. He also does a lot of carvings and sculptures using old books.

I really want to find a hobby that Zack and I can enjoy together on the nights we feel like staying in. I think it would be really fun to build scale models together, but cars and planes aren't really my thing. I stumbled across this 75 piece model kit for the Bates Mansion from Psycho, which is much more up my alley. I've found some other fun horror-themed ones, so I'm going to let him pick which one he wants to build!

I know it's only August, but my brain is swirling with Halloween costume ideas. I've wanted to dress up as a little sister for years, and I feel like this bow would make the perfect finishing touch.

This anatomical cutting board is incredible. I found it on Amazon, but Modcloth is selling the same board as part of their home decor line!

I'm really hoping to get a formal work area set up after not having an office for the past two years. As a freelancer, I find it a lot easier to stay focused and get shit done when I have a designated and organized place to work. I used to have an entire room devoted to my home office, but unfortunately, I don't even have a desk at the moment and am resigned to working on the couch or on my bed. As soon as I figure out where I'm going to fit a desk, I'd love to have a few of these nifty tooth planters for organizing my pens and other supplies!

While I'm thinking about my future desk, I totally want this brain container for storing my desktop essentials!

Watched This:
Drunk History Volume 6 with Crispin Glover and John C. Reilly // Youtube
Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: Evolution of the American Horror Film
Read This:
The Trauma of Being Alive // The New York Times
5 Reasons the Worst Jaws Movie Is an Underrated Masterpiece // Cracked
Listened to This:
"The Purple Bottle" // Animal Collective
"Blood (The Middle East cover)" // Mree
"The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack" // Liars


  1. OMFG... I wanna buy all this things *--* perfect, love this necklace and the ribbons, love the heart vase, the brain and this cutting board. So perfect. I love all the items and so the prices excepted the heart vase :o so expensive. LOL.


    1. I know!! The vase is marvelous but definity not in my budget either. Alas, I can dream though, right?!

  2. Definitely just added Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue to my instant queue! ;)


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