Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites 8.30.13

Check out these slasher movie garden gnomes! I wish I had a garden (or a place for one, for that matter) so I could decorate it with this adorably fiendish little guys.

I'm not usually a fan of Modcloth's clothing because it's a bit too twee for my taste, but I'm in mad love with their Rad to the Bone dress. At $90 it's way out of my price range, so I definitely plan to wait until it goes on sale. 

Evil Spirits Distillery is a new liquor company that promises their booze will be on the shelves of liquor stores soon. I hope so, because I can't wait to get my hands on this vodka for the bottle alone. 

I've been marathoning Dexter all week in an attempt to catch up before the big finale. I love playing board games with Zack's family, and totally want to snag a copy of this to bring to family game night one of these days. 

Maiden Voyage Clothing makes the coolest posters (and tees). I would love to go decorating crazy with some of their prints. 

I just need to geek out for a minute over this incredible Vault Tec emergency kit on Etsy. As a huge fan of the Fallout franchise, this would be the neatest collectible to keep with my gaming gear. This particular seller has several replica items from series, and gahhhh I want them all. 

My search for a desk has been fruitless thus far, and I'm so bummed this setup won't fit in the available space I have. I love versatile furniture that offers extra storage space, and this desk would be perfect for storing all of my craft supplies and reference books. It's not negotiable, my next place will have enough room for an office. Unless I happen upon something more functional, I will definitely be filling it with this desk or something similar.

Too bad my sister is a square and I don't want kids of my own, because seriously, how cool would this giant Cthulu be in a nursery? My sister and I have ridiculously clashing personalities and taste, which blows because I always find cool stuff I want to buy for my soon-to-be niece and Brynn enjoys stomping all over my dreams of spoiling her daughter. Boo. But whatever. As soon as my niece is walking and talking, I'm sure we'll go on all kinds of super secret adventures her mom never needs to find out about :p Isn't that what aunts are for?

Watched This:
Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars: Part Four: A Good Marriage // Youtube (Also check out parts one, two and three!)
The Backwater Gospel // Youtube
Read This:
Not My Brother's Horror Movie: Making a Feminist Horror Film // Gender Focus 
Dybbuk or Demon: Knowing Your Jewish Ghosts and Ghouls //
Listened to This: 
"The Good Times Are Killing Me" // Modest Mouse
"Karma Police" // Radiohead 


  1. I love these posts of yours! You always find awesome things that I want to get my hands on. :) I really want those horror lawn gnomes, truly badass.

    And I want that Evil Spirits Vodka. Like you said, the bottle alone is worth buying annnnd I like vodka. ;)

    1. The fact the bottle contains vodka of all liquids makes it 2982829729279272 better in my opinion :)

  2. This dress and the dexter board game ohhhh awesome *-* love this itens, and the other too, but these two... are special.


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