Thursday, August 22, 2013

Past Perfect // Rita Bernstein

While going through some boxes I had in storage, I stumbled across an old B&W Special Issue I've had since high school. This particular issue highlights the work of several incredible photographers, but one of them really stood out to me with her haunting photographs of old, broken dolls. Her name is Rita Bernstein, and these photographs are from her 2006 series titled "Past Perfect." Maybe I listened to too much Hole as a teenager or something, but I have a strange obsession with broken dolls and doll parts that's followed me into adulthood. These pictures show just how beautiful old, ugly things can really be, and they're some of my favorite photographs ever.

Bernstein is a former civil rights lawyer from Pennsylvania who turned to photography and art after leaving her career in law. She's also the author of two art books, and has been featured in dozens of art-related publications and galleries. In her bio, Bernstein says this about the meaning and inspiration behind her work:

"I explore the sorrows as well as the sweetness of family life and, more generally, the ambivalence that shadows intimate relationships. Although my subjects have often been young people, it is not my intention to examine childhood specifically. Rather, I am interested more broadly in the complex mysteries of the human psyche."

To see the rest of this incredible series (as well as more of Rita Bernstein's work), visit her official website.

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  1. Do you know Alice Madness? I have a stranger obsession for dolls to, and I love this game because the broken dolls. I love this photos and with certain I'll search more about this photographer. Nice Post.


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