Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Porcelain Gore // Maria Rubinke

I was in absolute awe when I first came across the work of Maria Rubinke, a Danish ceramic sculptor who creates eerie little statues that combine cute children with surrealist, grisly gore. You probably won't find these in your Nana's display cabinet next to the fine china, but you'll certainly find me wishing I could get my hands on even a single one for my collection. I think I'm drawn to these creepy ceramic cherubs because they remind me of Mark Ryden's paintings, and I'm a huge fan of his work. I can't wait to see where Rubinke goes in her career -- and what wonderful curiosities she'll create next. She's currently preparing for her first solo exhibition in April 2014. 

To see the original sources for these photos and more of Maria Rubinke's work, check out her Facebook page.


  1. They are amazing! I saw them some moths ago wishing i could have all of them :$ They do remind of Mark Ryden's surrealistic paintings ( an other wonderful artist i admire! ). It's refreshing seeing artists with that talent!! ^^

  2. Well done, this is one of my favorites artists, she is an amazing sculptor. I really love when artists work with this combo: cute + macabre, is nice and intriguing.



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