Sunday, September 22, 2013

Teenager from Mars

Top: DIY// Skirt: Vintage  // Belt: Charming Charlie // Hair Flower: DIY
Glasses: RX by Betsey Johnson // Shoes: Wild Diva Lounge

After spending the day wreaking havoc at Halloween stores and driving around blasting Misfits, Meg was nice enough to help me snap a few photos for the blog yesterday. I figured it was probably time to add a picture of myself to the main page, and you can now learn a little more about me here. I had a really hard time choosing which pictures to make permanent fixtures on the blog, so here are some of my favorites from our little photo shoot.

My great grandmother gave me this skirt when I was a kid, and it's spent the last 13 years hanging in my closet collecting dust. It was one of her favorite skirts to wear to church, and I always thought it was a little too conservative for my taste. When I had my job interview a few weeks ago, I decided to give it a wear-- and instantly kicked myself for neglecting it all this time. It's become one of my favorite pieces because it's so versatile, and I've been wearing it nonstop (though I'll admit my grandmother would hate seeing some of the pairings I've come up with if she were still with us today). 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

I've seriously been waiting weeks to share this meme, so it gets a post of it's very own. That is all. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Favorites 9.6.13

Happy Friday! I spent the last few days training for my new job, so I didn't get around to a couple of posts I had planned. Boo, hiss. I'm hoping to get another ukulele video up sometime this weekend (you can see the first one here, in case you missed it). However, I'm picking up my first lesson kit this afternoon and will probably spend the weekend trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing before teaching my first class on Tuesday. I'm a little overwhelmed by how much information I had to take in the past few days, but I'm definitely looking forward to throwing on my lab coat and teaching a group of littles about the wonders of science next week! 

Nonfiction Tees has the absolute greatest collection of science and history-related tee shirts ever. These would be perfect for throwing on with my lab coat every day, and I definitely want to invest in a few to go with the different classes I teach. Obviously, the arachnid shirt is my favorite, though I wish they had it available in women's sizes. 

I found this photo  on Tumblr (with no source included, of course) and launched a Googling spree to track down the origin and back story. Turns out it's a still from a music video by a band called Us and Us Only. The video is for their song "Rapture" and I highly recommend you give it a watch/listen. I've been listening to this band on repeat all week, and I'm ridiculously glad I found them! 

I eventually want to get a tarantula tattoo to go with the Death's Head Moth I've got on my back. I've unfortunately seen very few tarantula tattoos that really impressed me, but this one by Daniel Meyer is simply incredible. Like holy wow. That's an amazing tattoo. 

Uncommon and Nice makes the neatest iPhone docking stations out of old boxes, crates and books. I love this crate dock, and the fact it includes extra storage inside is a nice bonus.  

This ouija board wall decal needs to be on my wall stat.

I love making collages, and perhaps someday I'll post pictures of some of the collage art I've done. In the meantime, check out this lovely collage created by Sue Lott and and Matthew Richards. It's currently set as the home screen on my phone.

I love strange GIFS. This one is my favorite currently!

Watched This:
Insidious Chapter 2 official trailer // Youtube
Read This:
Where Are All the Arachnologists? (and why you should care) // Arthopod Ecology
Listened to This:
"Fake Plastic Trees" // Radiohead (a ukulele cover of this song is definitely coming in the near future)
"You Were a Writer" // Us and Us Only
"Casimir Pulaski Day" // Sufjan Stevens

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

She Blinded Me With Science

Upon landing myself a second job this morning, I can officially add another hat to my collection of trades and call myself a science instructor. I've picked up a part-time gig doing science presentations and hands-on lessons with elementary school kids a few afternoons a week, and needless to say, I'm stoked. The fact I get to wear a lab coat and play with rockets, chemicals and bugs every day definitely makes the deal even sweeter.

And here's a little song to celebrate!

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