Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Add it Up

Dress: Thrifted // Cardigan: Thrifted // Hair Flower: DIY // Shoes: Wild Diva Lounge

Meg shot these photos for me over the weekend and I'm just now getting around to posting them. During the week I live in pajamas while I write and a lab coat when I teach, so the weekends are really the only time I dress up. However, some weekends I'm still too lazy to ditch the yoga pants for a nice dress, so taking blog photos on Saturdays has given me extra incentive to bother styling myself at least one day of the week, which I'm thankful for. I feel so much better when I feel like I look good, but I usually can't motivate myself to put in the effort when I know the only people who'll be seeing me are under the age of 10. 

My teaching gig has been going fantastically well. For the first few weeks, my company was severely understaffed, so I found myself picking up tons of classes and extra work to fill in the gap until we hired more people. Last week, a few new instructors finally came on board, so things are mellowing out and I officially have only four classes to worry about each week. Each class is at a different school, but I teach the same kids at each school every week, which I love. It's nice forming relationships with my littles and seeing their interest in science grow after every class. Seriously. Watching kindergarteners explain the different between atoms and molecules to their parents or hearing first graders namedrop Sir Issac Newton on the regular is incredible. 

So basically, life is busy. Busy, but wonderful.

I never know what to name random blog posts like this, so I usually just type in the title of whatever song I happen to be listening to. I've been on a massive Violent Femmes kick this week, so here you go. 

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