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The Walking Dead: Top 10 Moments (So Far)

Is it really any surprise that I'm a huge Walking Dead fangirl? Didn't think so. I've anxiously been awaiting the show's return for months, and at long last, Season Four is set to premier this Sunday! I'm beyond stoked to see what surprises the new season has in store (where'd that pesky Governor run off to? Eh?), but in the meantime, here's a look back on some of my favorite moments from the first three seasons. Obviously, The Walking Dead has had wayyyy too many incredible moments throughout it's run (so far), so it's impossible to touch on all of them. These are just a few that really stood out to me personally.

Warning: This post contains massive spoilers from seasons 1-3 of the show, so if you aren't caught up, I don't suggest reading on. 

The Silent Revelation at the CDC (TS-19)

The first season was filled with countless strong moments (How else would they have sucked us in and convinced us to continue watching?), but few moments left us as anxious and on edge as the moment Jenner dropped a silent bombshell on our favorite Ricktator at the CDC. We were left wondering what was said for nearly an entire season -- only to find out later that everyone on the planet is infected with the strange walker virus, completely changing the dynamic of the show.

Daryl's Visions While Searching for Sophia (Chupacabra)

Before Sophia disappeared, Daryl was seen by many viewers as pretty one-dimensional character -- your stereotypical redneck with a mouth only slightly less foul than his brother Merle's. All that changed when he became hell-bent on finding the missing little girl -- and almost died in the process. Not only did his quest to find Sophia reveal a more sensitive side to the younger Dixon brother, we also got our first hints regarding his back story through a series of hallucinations he had while wandering in the woods. By the time Daryl emerged from the wilderness with his ear necklace in tow, he was well on his way to becoming a majo fan favorite.

Sophia Coming Out of the Barn (Pretty Much Dead Already)

After nearly a season of watching people fight on a farm (with occasional zombies), viewers were ready for something BIG to happen. We finally got what we wanted when the secret in Hershel's barn was revealed -- and the missing Sophia came wandering out as a walker.

The Death of Dale (Judge, Jury, Executioner)

This was basically my least favorite moment of the series so far, but it felt wrong to leave it out when it was definitely one of the most important and memorable. Dale was my favorite character on the show, and needless to say, I boohooed like there was no tomorrow when he met his untimely end.

The Death of Shane (Better Angels)

As upset I was when poor Dale met his maker, I rejoiced when Shane's time on the show came to an end. I was growing really tired of the whole Shane-Rick-Lori love triangle thing, and Shane was really just an asshole. Plus, his death is what essentially forced Rick to admit what Jenner told him to the rest of the group.

Michonne's First Appearance (Beside the Dying Fire)

Before Michonne made her way onto the scene, The Walking Dead was really hurting for a strong female character. Seriously, while I love the show, it did a pretty crap job of defying stereotypical gender roles in it's first two seasons. With the appearance of Michonne, we were given a mysterious, hooded woman wielding a katana and two pet walkers. Seriously, how much more bad ass does it get then that?

Goodbye, Hershel's Leg (Seed)

Many fans complained that season two was way too heavy on the drama and not heavy enough on the action -- and walkers. The season three opener started things out with a bang -- and proved that the creators take fan responses into serious consideration. There was no time for chit chat and love triangles in the prison -- because our survivors were too busy carrying out improv amputations. While Hershel's leg will sorely be missed, this was one of the most intense scenes of the show so far and ensured us that season three would be much stronger than the second.

Morgan's Reappearance (Clear)

After saving Rick in the series premier, Morgan faded into obscurity along with his young son. For two seasons, we were left wondering what happened to the duo and why they never replied to Rick's desperate attempts to reach them via radio. When Morgan reappeared, it was revealed that his son was bitten and killed by his walker wife, driving Morgan into madness. This was a major letdown for fans who had harbored hope that the two were living out the post-apocalyptic good life somewhere outside Atlanta, and made for one of the more emotional revelations of the show.

Glenn Fighting a Walker While Tied to a Chair (When the Dead Come Knocking)

Early in the show, Glenn was treated by the group as nothing more than a lowly errand boy. While he slowly moved his way up the hierarchy, viewers didn't really get to see the pure badassery that is Glenn until midway through the third season. After being tied to a chair and locked in a room with a loose walker, Glenn managed to fight his way out unscathed -- and it was awesome.

Tie: The Deaths of Lori and Andrea -- Finally (Killer Within and Welcome to the Tombs)

I know both of these scenes were supposed to pull at our heart strings, but honestly, neither could have come soon enough for me. Both of these characters spent the better part of three seasons annoying the absolute shit out of be (especially Andrea), and I'm glad I don't have to see any of them (I hope) going into season four.

Did any moments in the show really strike you that I failed to include? Let me know!

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  1. Excellent list. Merle's death, resurrection, and second death would definitely be near the top for me. Plus, the Governor mowing down all those people at the end of last season.


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