Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Little Vine Cemetery // Bremen, Georgia

Every time I visit Georgia, Courtney and I make the rounds and visit some of our favorite cemeteries, local haunts and abandoned places. This morning we had some time to spare and nothing to do, so we decided to explore and check out somewhere new for a change. We drove about half an hour from my dad's house and found Little Vine Cemetery, a small collection of graves off the side of a dirt road in Bremen. It was only a few degrees above freezing and pouring rain so we didn't stay long, but I snapped a few photos during the short time we were there.

This cemetery was unique because it seemed like there were more children buried there than adults. Walking through, it seemed like at least every other headstone had a child's name on it. Most of the graves dated back to the 1910s and 1920s, so this definitely isn't the most historic cemetery in the area, but it was still a neat place to visit nestled out in the woods. I prefer visiting quiet, isolated little cemeteries like this because there's minimal chance we'll run into other visitors -- or mourners. While I love cemeteries because I think they're beautiful and interesting, the last thing I want to do is disturb someone there to mourn while I'm moving around taking photos. I don't know... it just seems skeevy and disrespectful to me, and I never want my interests and hobbies to hurt or offend others if I can help it.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favorites 11.22.13

I snagged this backpack to use as my carry-on for my trip this weekend. The bats are so cute!

I somehow managed to lose my glasses last month, and because my insurance only pays for one pair per year, I've been trying to find other affordable options so I can hopefully replace them before January. What do you guys think of this cute, sparkly pair from Bonlook?

I'm a sucker for hip bags, and I've been lusting after Jungle Tribe's handmade holster bags for ages. Sadly, at nearly $300 a piece, I highly doubt one of these beauties will ever make an appearance in my closet :( But hey, a girl can dream.
I've been on a serious classic horror movie kick lately, and have enjoyed winding down every night with some of my favorite oldies but goodies before bed. Nosferatu is one of my favorites, and this book print inspired by cinema's original vampire is simply perfect.

Check out these incredible sideshow-inspired photographs from Flash in the Past. I can't decide which is my favorite!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Life, As of Late

1: I look like I should be in a Hole coverband in my new favorite outfit // 2: Zack opening for Aaron Carter (yes, that dude) at the Fox Theatre // 3: Meg and I found some wise words on the streets of Denver

Yeah. It's safe to say I suck at this whole blogging thing. I'm still struggling to find a balance between working 50+ hours a week and keeping my blog going. 99% of my life at the moment consists of teaching, and I seldom do things I really feel are worthy of posting -- the other 1% of the time, I do cool things and forget to bring a camera. Ooops.

But there's good news! My part-time science gig is now full-time, meaning I'll be reducing the amount of freelancing stuff I'll be doing considerably over the next month or so! For the first time in four years, I'm about to have some semblance of a normal schedule and a real routine. I'll still be slaving away at the keyboard on and off for the rest of the year in order to build up savings, but it's a surprisingly incredible relief to know I'll no longer be my own boss most of the time, because honestly, I'm a terrible boss.

Less than two weeks from now, I'll be in Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with my dad and to celebrate my cousin's baby shower! (You can check out the video from my last trip here) While I'm there, my baby brother and I are planning an epic rogue tour of some of our favorite shooting locations from the Walking Dead, and Courtney is going to take me to some old-school, Civil War era cemeteries. This will be the first time I'm staying out there for less than two weeks, which bums me out, but I'm thankful that my company was kind enough to give me the entire week of Thanksgiving off while we're running school camps on fairly short notice. My job is pretty much the best. Really.

4: Day 12 without a day off  and two months overdue for a trim // 5: Making monster slime while running a Halloween event at the Denver Aquarium // 6: Office werkk -- and further evidence of my Mtn. Dew addiction
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