Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favorites 11.22.13

I snagged this backpack to use as my carry-on for my trip this weekend. The bats are so cute!

I somehow managed to lose my glasses last month, and because my insurance only pays for one pair per year, I've been trying to find other affordable options so I can hopefully replace them before January. What do you guys think of this cute, sparkly pair from Bonlook?

I'm a sucker for hip bags, and I've been lusting after Jungle Tribe's handmade holster bags for ages. Sadly, at nearly $300 a piece, I highly doubt one of these beauties will ever make an appearance in my closet :( But hey, a girl can dream.
I've been on a serious classic horror movie kick lately, and have enjoyed winding down every night with some of my favorite oldies but goodies before bed. Nosferatu is one of my favorites, and this book print inspired by cinema's original vampire is simply perfect.

Check out these incredible sideshow-inspired photographs from Flash in the Past. I can't decide which is my favorite!

Read This:
"30 Things You Don't Know About The Exorcist Movies" // Vulture
"I Won't Apologize for Being Assaulted" // Put Your Damn Pants On
"5 Responses to Sexism That Just Make Everything Worse" // Cracked
Watched This:
"House Call" // Adam Koralik via Youtube
Listened to This:
"My Zero" // Ezra Furman
"Soon it Will be Cold Enough to Build Fires" // Emancipator
"Myth" // Beach House

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