Monday, December 9, 2013

Smith Chapel Cemetery // Mt. Zion, Georgia

Just as I have a favorite song, a favorite movie and a favorite artist, I have a favorite cemetery. It's a small set of graves off a long dirt road beside an abandoned church in Mt. Zion, Georgia, and I've yet to visit without forcing Courtney to take me out there at least once. The cemetery (and the church) were featured pretty heavily in the video Courtney and I made during my trip in January.

I really can't explain why I love the Smith Chapel Cemetery as much as I do. Most of the graves are from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many so worn down you can no longer read the names. But as you can see, someone still goes out there regularly with silk flowers, and there are different ones on the graves every time I visit. I've never seen anyone else out there, so I have no idea who does it. I imagine it could be extended family of the people buried there, or maybe just a kind stranger trying their best to honor those who time has all but forgotten.

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  1. My husbands grandmother us buried there..he is now 67 and he would walk with his granny to church there...Delia Peace road is named for his great grandma..


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