Monday, December 2, 2013

Touring "The Walking Dead" Part I // Elder's Mill Campsite & Waterfall

My trip to Georgia ended at roughly 7 this morning, and I'm settled back in at home, avoiding unpacking like the plague and still reeling from last night's mid-season finale of 'The Walking Dead.' No spoilers here, but if you haven't watched it yet for any reason, prepare to be traumatized when you do. In anticipation of the episode, my dad, my brother, my brother's girlfriend and I spent yesterday exploring some of our favorite locations from the show, because seriously, what better day to do it -- especially when most of them are within an hour's drive from my Dad's house.

We sat down on Saturday night and created our itinerary with the help of The Walking Dead Locations, a great fan-run site that has all of the filming locations identified and mapped. There were countless places to choose from, which made narrowing it down a pain in the ass difficult, to say the least. In the end, we settled on three locations -- plus a nifty unplanned bonus that was recommended to us during our first stop. To say I took an insane amount of pictures would be an understatement, so I'll be splitting up the photos from our rogue Walking Dead tour into a few posts. Today I'll be sharing photos from the first location we visited: The Elder's Mill Road Campsite and Waterfall. 

As a refresher, the Elder's Mill Campsite and Waterfall were featured in the finale of Season 2. After poor Hershel's farm burned and the Walkers invaded, it was where our merry band of survivors regrouped and Rick made his infamous "this ain't a democracy anymore" speech. In the show, it looked like this:

Source: The Walking Dead Locations
Prior to our arrival at the campsite, we weren't aware that the ruins and waterfall are actually settled on private property. The minute we saw a fence blocking the entrance our hearts sank, but then we circled back and saw a sign on the gate with a phone number telling us to a call if we'd like to tour the site. I called and the property owner answered right away, told us it would be $10 per person and that he would come down to meet us. A few minutes later, the owners pulled up, opened the gate to let us in and gave us an overview of the property and some insight into how the scenes were filmed there. They pointed out where the car broke down, where Rick and Lori stood during their fight and then led us over to the original campfire built for the show in the center of the ruins. Oh, and they were kind enough to take lots of photos of the four of us together :) Pictures really can't do the Elder's Mill campsite justice, so I highly encourage you to check it out for yourself if you're ever down in Senoia, Georgia.

Fun fact: Elder's Mill was also used as a filming location in the 2012 film 'Lawless,'  as well as NBC's television series 'Revolution.' 

I'm beyond stoked to share photos of the rest of the locations we visited in the coming days -- including the spot the owners of Elder's Mill pointed out to us that wasn't on our agenda. If you could visit any location from 'The Walking Dead,' where would it be? Who knows, maybe it will be one of the locations I'll be sharing next ;)

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