Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorites 1.31.14

I'm officially all caught up on Game of Thrones, and I'm not coping very well with the fact I have to wait until April for a new episode to air (that whole Red Wedding business isn't helping). I guess I'll just have to pass the time by catching up on the books and entertain myself with fan theories (who else thinks Jon Snow is totally part Targaryen, anyone?). I'm also digging on this beautiful necklace inspired by Arya, one of my favorite characters in the book and on the show.

This DIY book lamp looks like the perfect thing to illuminate a cozy little reading nook. I would love to make one using a set of vintage encyclopedias.

I love everything about these beautiful hanging terrariums.

After having my eye on this duvet cover for months, I was stoked to see it's finally on sale this morning. Assuming it's still available on Tuesday, I'll definitely be snagging it with my paycheck. And if not, well boo then.

These dinosaur fossil cookie cutters are simply fabulous.

Have you seen these nifty candles from PyroPets that melt to reveal adorable little kitty skeletons inside? I wish they had more options to choose from, but I wouldn't mind having a few of these cute cats on my curiosity shelf.

I've been crocheting for years, but I think I'm finally ready to try my hand at knitting. For my first project, I think I'd love to make a cozy pair of house socks like these ones.

Read This:
"5 Things That I Can Buy With the Money I'm Saving From Not Smoking This Week" // I'm planning to quit smoking (again) this weekend, so this article was just what I needed to read this morning.
"Why Nikola Tesla Was the Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived" // The Oatmeal
Watched This:
The Following // I'm not sure how this show flew under the radar of my my Poe loving little heart for so long, but after spending two sick days home from work this week and getting all caught up on Netflix, I'm officially hooked.
Listened to This:
"Solid Ground" // Maps & Atlases
"Spit Fountain" // Algernon Cadwallader

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Touring the Walking Dead Part IV // Woodbury

At last, I'm here today to share the final installment of my rogue Walking Dead tour, and I'm just in time for the mid-season return it would seem. After the hour of pure trauma that was that mid-season finale, I can't wait to see where the rest of season four goes when it comes back on February 9th.

Senoia was the last stop on our day-long adventure, which you may recognize as Woodbury in the show. Upon entering the little main street of the town, it was easy to recognize the storefronts and other landmarks featured heavily throughout season three. Since we went on a Sunday, most of the businesses were closed, which sucked because there were quite a few antique shops I would have loved to check out.

By far my favorite part of our Woodbury stop was the Woodbury Shoppe, a store devoted to all things Walking Dead. They had countless odds and ends inspired by the show, including zombie ear key chains, belt buckles, shirts and katanas. They even had a bust of the bicycle walker from season one in a display case. Walking through the shop, the walls were covered in signatures from the show's cast and crew members, and it was fun picking them out and reading what each of them had to say.

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos from my tour, and maybe this will inspire you to check out a few filming locations of your own if you ever find yourself out in West Georgia. I'll be back in the South in May, and my brother and I are already planning another tour to see some of the locations we missed out on this time around.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How Very (P)interesting

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While I've technically had a Pinterest account for over a year, I haven't really done much with it until lately. But with a move in the works, an office to decorate, a craft room on my wishlist and a boyfriend I'm soon going to have to cook with seven nights a week, it seemed like the perfect site to utilize for my rapidly changing life. If you happen to like dead things, occult historybonsai trees, rocks and minerals, spooky stuff, rad art or destroying your closet, you can follow me here

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wishlist // Dream Desk

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After having to stay mum about it for over a month (yes, a month), I'm thrilled to finally announce that I've been promoted to an administrative position at my company. I'm starting the new year with a shiny new job, and for the first time in a long time, I'm extremely proud of where I'm at and where I'm going -- even if it means school has to go on the back burner another semester (at minimum). It's almost a strange thing to feel excited about, this whole promotion business, because if you'd told me I'd be working a typical 9-5 just six months ago, I likely would have said that death would be preferable. But here I am, four months in at this job and I've worked my way up from instructing a few hours a week to managing the entire office full-time. Holy shit. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was sharing the news that I got this gig in the first place?

In all seriousness though, I love my job, and when this position first became available in November, I knew it was far too good to pass on. It's giving me the much needed downtime at night I never had when I was freelancing, I have (most) weekends off and it's helping me save up for Zack and I to *hopefully* find a little house together before the summer. My bosses are great, my coworkers are great, and I've got an enormous amount of office space to organize and decorate to my heart's desire.

I've been going crazy thinking of fun ideas to brighten up my desk area the past few weeks so it's a place I truly like sitting at for 40 hours a week. Since my company exclusively dabbles in science enrichment opportunities for children, I'm definitely digging a science theme for my desk space. This little wishlist/moodboard of sorts reflects a bit of what I've got in mind. The test tube organizers and framed Chemistry Cat photo are an absolute must, as are the anatomical models and butterfly pushpins. I'm still in the process of cleaning, filing and organizing the mess the former office manager left behind, but I'm sure I'll post photos once I finally get everything in its place and put together. 

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