Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites 3.28.14

I wish Z and I could move in together like yesterday so I'd have a home to decorate with macabre wall art like this nifty skull piece. Seriously, other than the actual living together part, I think I'm most excited about having four walls to cover in creepy odds and ends. Thankfully, we share similar taste so I highly doubt he'll complain. 

After seeing this beautiful tarantula fang necklace, I think I'd love to make something similar once my LunaTone moults.

My niece is growing up fast. Like super fast. Like so fast she's 6 months old and 12 month sized pants are too short for her. My sister has been going crazy trying to keep up with her growth spurts and keep her baby in clothes that fit, so I'm pretty stoked to try making a pair of these DIY baby leggings so my niece can finally have warm ankles and Brynn can finally rest easy at night. 

I have no idea what I'd do with a novelty telescope, but it sure looks cool.

This gorgeous journal makes me wish I was able to travel more so I'd have a reason to use it. Who know though, I'm sure I could find a nifty way to repurpose it

Grilled cheese is pretty much my favorite easy comfort food, and I'm always trying to think of new ingredients to mix it up a bit when I get sick of you know, just cheese on bread. I usually take the easy way out and throw in a few slices of avocado or tomato, but holy wow this pear and sharp cheddar concoction looks like something I need to try ASAP -- though I think it might be better with gouda.

Side note: My boss recently commented that she only sees me eat "kid food," which I suppose from her perspective seems totally true since she really only sees me eat Poptarts, macaroni and cheese pizza without any toppings while I'm sitting at my desk. I promise I (sometimes) eat healthy, "grown up" food, but I guess it's true that my most of favorites haven't changed much since I was 10, and that includes grilled cheese. End side note. I'm lame.

And here's an adorable GIF of a baby bat to start your weekend off right!

Watched This:
Game of Thrones in 1 Take in 9 Minutes // The Fine Brothers -- This video perfectly recaps everything from the first three seasons just in time for the show's return in one short (but extremely long feeling) week.
Read This:
'I'd Rather Be Dissected': Why Would I Donate My Body to Science // Aeon
Dissecting the Living: Vivisection in Early Modern England // The Chirugeon's Apprentice
(Okay...apparently my bedtime reading this week heavily involved stories of human dissection. Not intentional. I promise I'm not a serial killer).
Listened to This:
It's a Hit // We Are Scientists -- We are Scientists has been one of my favorite bands since I was 16, and I'm *finally* seeing them live in one month.
The Mariner's Revenge Song // The Decemberists

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