Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Postcard & Keys

Antiquing is something I don't feel like I get to do nearly enough because it tends to be expensive -- and this is especially true when you're on the hunt for vintage prosthetic limbs, articulated skeletons and teeth, it would seem. In case you didn't know, being a weirdo is hard, you guys. Antique shops are the one place I feel like an asshole window shopping in thanks to a local shop owner who once told me (rather bluntly) that I should go to the museum if I just want to look at stuff, so I've essentially stopped visiting unless I know I have extra cash to spare. A few weeks ago was such an occasion, and I got to spend the day with my favorite guy at one my favorite antique malls for the first time in ages.

Admittedly, it was far from the best day I've ever had antiquing because I acquired very little despite a day of rummaging through dust covered shelves and tattered boxes, but I'm still extremely pleased with my finds. I spent well over an hour sorting through vintage photographs looking for odd ones to add to my collection before I finally stumbled across this gem.

Titled "The Burial," it was sent on May 19, 1913 by a woman named Maggie to another woman addressed only as "Miss Hay" in Berkshire, England. The front features a photograph of a little girl clutching what appears to be a dead bird while a shovel rests on the ground beside her. Despite the rather somber photograph on the front, the beautiful scrawling handwriting on the back details some pretty mundane details from Maggie's daily life. She tells Miss Hay she feels bad for not visiting more often and asks for a man named Cyril's address because apparently he's been feeling down. I have no idea how this century old postcard managed to make it from a small village in Berkshire to a suburb in Colorado, or how it managed to remain in impeccable condition for all this time, but I'm glad it's found a new, loving home in my collection.

My other purchases aren't nearly as exciting -- or old, for that matter. After the antique mall, Zack and I drove downtown to visit Flossy McGrew's, a local oddity shop that we were sad to find is temporarily out of business because the owner passed away. The trip wasn't for nothing, though. We stopped into an antique hardware store next door and it turns out the son of the former Flossy's owner is currently running it. We spent the afternoon chatting with him about his plans to relocate and eventually reopen Flossy's, and he showed us tons of amazing vintage taxidermy that was part of his mother's collection. Before we left, I purchased these replica keys because you know, no window shopping and all that. I'm not entirely sure what I plan to do with them since they were more of an impulse/guilt purchase than anything else, but I'm sure they'll look nice on a necklace or something.

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