Monday, June 2, 2014

Things to Come

Earlier this year, I made a goal list of 24 things I hoped to accomplish before my next birthday, and today I'm excited to share I'm finally on my way toward making the most important of those a reality. This past weekend, I sucked it up and forced myself to take the entrance exams I've been procrastinating for two years. On Saturday, I'll be attending new student orientation and registering for classes. And on August 18th, I'll officially be able to say I'm in the process of earning my degree in Mortuary Science, which you know, is like my biggest dream in life and all.

A huge obstacle that's kept me from going back to school until now has been finances. I spent two years in art school and managed to take on nearly $50,000 in student loans in the process. Sallie Mae has been horrendous in helping me lower my monthly payments to an amount that isn't nearly a fourth of my monthly income after taxes, and the idea of borrowing another $10 grand to finance my mortuary degree wasn't very appealing. Fortunately, I was able to file independently this year because of my age, and was able to obtain a Pell Grant  and real financial aid for the first time ever. Between that and my state's higher education stipend, I'm looking at having to pay very little out of pocket for school, which is literally what's making this entire thing possible.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super nervous about going back to school after four years, but I know plenty of people take far longer breaks than I have and do just fine. If my entrance exams proved anything, it's that I'm still a boss when it comes to the English language and still a complete idiot when it comes to math, but that was to be expected. I haven't decided if I'll be going full- or part-time since I still plan to work 40+ hours a week while I'm in school, but I do know I'll be doing a hybrid program for my general studies classes with some courses on campus and some online. Since I have about 10 general classes to get out of the way before I can enroll in my mortuary-specific stuff, it's going to be awhile before I can share crazy stories with you and teach you all about the wonders of decomposition and restorative art. But with that said, I'm a hell of a lot closer to being able to do that than I was a week ago, so fuck it, that's something :)


  1. Congrats so much. I hate the educational institution that is set up in this country. I just got my bachelors and in order to make any money or even be qualified for most jobs I have to get my masters to be licensed. So I already have all this student loan, while albeit isn't as bad as some other people, or even friends who have told me they are already in like 100,000 debt from bachelors alone! Either way I'm so happy for you that you are getting the funding you need. Thats so cool that your state gives a stipend for higher education!

    1. I currently work in elementary education so I've seen first hand how flawed the entire system is whether you're 5, 25 or 55. I know there's some new loan laws going into effect, but unfortunately 99% of my loans are private so I won't qualify for any relief. Had I finished my education degree, I'd have well over $100k :( Best of luck with your master's program!


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