Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July in Frisco

My uncle is the Sheriff of one of the mountain counties here in Colorado, and every year my family is treated to a pretty epic set of Fourth of July events hosted by the Sheriff's department. This year was the first Z has been able to make the trip up the mountain with me, but unfortunately traffic was so bad (as in, it took us 3.5 hours to make a drive that normally takes 45 minutes) we ended up missing the parade and most of the other daytime festivities. Boo. Hiss. I suppose there's always next year.

While we didn't get to check out the parade and we missed a few of the bands that were playing, we did get to spend the afternoon stuffing ourselves with food cart fare (fried PBJ and Twinkies, holla!), downing the the world's weakest margaritas and checking out some of the stalls set up on Frisco's Main Street. I also got to spend some time with my adorable little niece, which is always rad. Afterwards, all 40 of my family and friends crammed into my aunt's house where I continued to indulge my inner glutton with veggie burgers and tofurkey dogs before making the terrible decision to spend an hour on the trampoline with five of my younger cousins.

Remember how I mentioned my uncle is the Sheriff? Well, that comes with some major perks on the Fourth of July. The department hosts a private fireworks pre-party every year, and employees' friends and families get to sit on a field separate from everyone else about 50 yards directly behind where they light off the fireworks. You guys, words really can't explain how incredible and intense it is to be that close. The views were absolutely amazing and for about 20 minutes, we were being showered in firework debris, including a few pieces which were still partially on fire. But you know, nothing says "Murica!" quite like being pummeled with flaming cardboard and ash, so it's easy to say the night was a success.

To attempt to show you just how crazy my firework views were, I made a couple of little GIFS using the videos I took on my phone during the show. I hope my fellow Americans had a great Independence Day!


  1. The mountains up there! Oh my goodness, so amazing looking. I have a cousin that lives in the mountains somewhere in Colorado but I have no idea where. My mom grew up in Idaho Springs and I look forward to visiting there again someday.
    I LOVE carnivals and fair type food! It's the highlight of my summer haha.

  2. Ah I really want to try a fried pbj, plus whats more american then frying a sandwich. Those gifs are so amazing, the neighborhood I live in gets super insane with fireworks and we go sit on our stoop and also literally get ash and debris on us but its kind of amazing to be that close up at the same time.


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