Tuesday, July 22, 2014

House Hunting Blues

House hunting? It's not going very well. So far, it's gone a little something like this:

We find a place that's in budget? Great! It's in a neighborhood with one of the highest crime rates in Denver and every inch of the porch is covered in graffiti! And it looks like it probably has bed bugs!

It's in a decent neighborhood? Sick! They don't allow pets.

We manage to secure a showing? Right on! When we go look at it there are literally 50 other people scheduled to look at it at the same time.

Something looks even remotely promising? Psych! It's a scam and my email is suddenly being bombarded with messages from Nigerian missionaries who are happy to send me the keys... after I wire them them the $2,000 of course!

It's really frustrating and discouraging, yo.

Looking for a house has literally become the bane of my existence. I spend at least 3 hours a day scouring the Internet for leads, Zack does the same. We spend hours every weekend driving up and down random streets in Denver and the surrounding suburbs in search of "For Rent" signs that rarely exist. We really aren't being picky. A house would be preferable, but a duplex or a townhouse would be cool. Something with two bedrooms and a fenced yard. Those are literally the only requirements. Early on in our search, we had a list of all kinds of things we wanted; washer/dryer hookups, hardwood floors preferred, a garage, a high walking score. We've pretty much given up on even hoping for any of that.

We did manage to get to the application stage for one place, a townhouse close to where I work. It was in budget with two bedrooms and a small yard for the pups. The owners were sweet and extremely pet-friendly. The place was well maintained and had quite a few luxury perks. We were a little reluctant to fork over the application fee because so many other people were there filling out applications too, but we both had a really good feeling about it and decided to give it a shot. The landlords called on the 4th to inform us that it went to a couple who applied precisely two minutes before we did. Well fuck.

It doesn't help that rent prices in Denver are at an all time high while availability is at an all time low (here's proof). Out of curiosity and desperation, I took a look at the first apartment complex I lived in when I was 19 because all of the ground floor units had fenced yards. It was in a fairly sketch part of town, the neighbors were really loud and maintenance was a little slow but I never had anything seriously bad happen to me there, so I thought "why not?" Well, here's why not. The 2 bedroom apartment I paid $575 a month for in 2009? Yeah, it's renting for $1,100 today, putting it out of our $1,000 budget. Buying, unfortunately isn't an option nor is it something we really care to do at this point in time, so that's off the table. I feel stuck.

I'm sorry that this post literally consists of nothing but bitching on my end, but I'm just so frustrated that I needed to vent. I'm working 40-45 hours a week right now and looking for a house pretty much consumes every free minute of my waking life. I start school in less than a month, and I really want to be settled and done with this by then. The mere thought of trying to juggle a full-time job, three classes and more of this house hunting bullshit practically has me in tears from all the stress. My family and friends keep telling me to be optimistic, that something will come along and it will all be okay, but it's getting harder to believe that with every failed showing and scam email that arrives in my inbox.

It just really blows.

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