Monday, July 21, 2014

Ribcage + Roses

Dress: Hot Topic // Hair Flower: JoAnn Fabric
Boots: Thrifted // Jewelry: Thrifted and Hot Topic// Sunglasses: Amazon

Is it totally lame for me to admit I actually kind of like shopping at Hot Topic? It is? Okay. Whatever. I mean, half the stuff in that store feels way too "young" for me, but their dress selection, if nothing else, is completely killing it this summer. I snagged three new dresses last weekend using some Hot Topic cash I earned when Courtney and I went shopping a few months ago. The moment I saw this one hanging up on the wall, I had to have it. There was only one left in my size and it was basically free! The front of it is a little plain and meh, but isn't the back of it amazing?! I got tons of compliments on it when I went out for karaoke Saturday night wearing it, and I love the way it looks with my moth tattoo peeking out above the bones. 

As you can see, I am in desperate need of a haircut at the moment. One of my friends always does my hair, but thanks to a shitty situation involving her shop's landlord being a shitty person, she's currently moving so I can't get an appointment. The cowlick in my bangs in out of control and I've got split ends for days, so I've usually been rocking a ponytail lately. I had waist-length hair until I cut it about a year and a half ago, and this is the longest it's been since then. It's kind of tempting to let it grow out again, but I think the shorter length is a bit more flattering on me. I do have a small collection of wigs I occasionally wear when I'm itching for long hair, so I'll have to share some photos of those one of these days. 


  1. That dress is awesome. Ive noticed the dresses have been rocking lately at Hot Topic, they look a bit short for my liking. I also refuse to go see anyone except "my" hairdresser haha but its so worth the wait, I don't trust anyone else with my hair.

    1. You're so right about their dresses being super short. This dress feels/looks a little short on me, and I'm only 4'11"! I always wonder how tall gals get away with wearing a lot of the dresses I have from Forever 21 also. When it barely covers my bum, I don't know how it could cover someone with 5+ inches of height on me.


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