Monday, October 6, 2014

A Little Glimpse...

Zack and I are officially moved in to our new house and I'm writing this post from my super sweet new (to me) vintage Duncan Phyfe dining table! While we've gotten the super essential areas of our home in order, we still have a ton of work to do to get everything the way we want it. My future craft room is currently half-painted pumpkin orange and stacked floor to ceiling with boxes, and our spare room isn't faring much better. Since the house is still a work in progress, I thought I'd share a quick peek at a few areas around our home that are at least moderately put together. I'll hopefully be doing a few home tour posts in the coming weeks as we finish up decorating and getting everything in order, so stay tuned!

1 comment :

  1. Oooh I love all your spooky details. Your place also sounds huge! I would love some extra rooms! One for crafting also! One to keep my clothes ;) Cant wait to see more photos from your new place


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