Thursday, October 9, 2014

Adventures in Waist Training Part I

I've been dying to try waist training for years, but I've had a lot of difficulty finding a corset that I thought would actually fit my less than proportionate measurements in a price range I could remotely afford. After I'd pretty much given up and resigned myself to having to drop a few hundred dollars on something custom made, my dear friend Josephine (a professional sexy person with a not-quite-safe-for-work blog you can find here) turned me on to a company called Orchard Corset. They have tons of different ready-to-wear corsets to fit pretty much every shape, torso length and size, as well as an incredibly informative blog and Youtube channel to address all your corset care and waist training needs. I spent a few weeks perusing their site to learn as much as I could before taking the plunge, and after triple checking my measurements to be safe, I settled on a size 20 CS-411 in cotton.

I purchased and ordered my corset late one Friday afternoon with free shipping and it showed up on my doorstep the following Wednesday. My package contained my corset, a hand-signed "thank you" card and a little brochure that outlined how to care for it and how to tighten it properly. 

Since I'd done a lot of research prior to my purchase, I knew I had to really ease into wearing my corset through a process Orchard refers to as "seasoning." This step was essential to prevent the corset from getting damaged and to ensure it conforms to my shape as perfectly as possible as I shift into wearing it 6-8 hours per day.

Getting it on and tightening it myself was nearly impossible the first time, even after loosening the corset completely. The front busk was an absolute bitch to clasp and I felt like a T-Rex trying to reach behind me to pull on the Xs to tighten it up. After a few minutes of struggling, I gave up and had Z lace me up, which he was surprisingly not too thrilled with. I had him lace it until it was just slightly snug on my frame and made sure he kept all of the back grommets straight as the directions said to do.

Once I was laced in, I rushed to my hall mirror and was completely blown away by the sudden hour glass figure staring back at me. While I do have ridiculously large breasts in comparison to my height and weight, I have almost no waist and even less hips. I can not emphasize this enough: from the boobs down I am not a curvy person. I had to peek back over my shoulder to make sure Zack hadn't made a mistake and accidentally laced the corset shut somehow, because I felt like I looked like something out of a Sir Mixalot song. However, there was still about 4-5 inches between the back panels, which was pretty exciting since that meant my waist will eventually shrink that much more once I can get it completely tight laced.

I spent the next hour shifting around on the couch and rushing back to the hall mirror to look at myself because apparently this corset has magic powers that turn you into a vain super bitch. Once an hour passed, I had Zack tighten it up for me a little more. I then attempted to eat a quesadilla and drink a soda while wearing it. Spoiler alert: this was a terrible idea for disgusting reasons I will spare you the details of. I kept the corset on for another hour after the tightening and then took it off and hung it up in my closet, lining side out as directed.

On the second day of seasoning, I did a major victory dance when the front busks decided to clasp without giving up a fight and I was actually able to lace myself into it without any problems. Since we just moved, I spent the first hour tearing through boxes trying to find a tape measure. Once I finally found one, I took my measurements with the corset on and victory danced once more to see my waist measuring in at 24" (for reference, my waist is naturally about 27"). 

The past few days, I have been wearing the corset for about two hours per day and can definitely see the steel boning taking to my shape a little better every time I put it on. It's also gotten infinitely easier to lace and tighten by myself, and I no longer have to enlist Z's help with anything beyond smoothing out the modesty panel. I'm planning to start wearing it for 3-4 hours per day next week, and will hopefully be ready to wear it all day long the week after that. I'm so in love with this corset I'm already having to force myself away from buying another. I have my eye on the mesh version of this corset that Orchard sells, simply because it looks like it would be much more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. 

I've had a lot of friends on Facebook and Instagram ask if my corset is uncomfortable and if it makes it difficult to breathe. The answer is "No" on both fronts. The corset itself kind of just feels like a tight hug, though eating in it was miserable that first time. Honestly, the only real discomfort I've experienced so far has been in my back muscles, because I'm a terrible sloucher and this thing forces me to sit up straight. Other than that, it's been smooth sailing even though I'm a little nervous to start wearing it full-time. 

I still have several inches to go before my corset is fully tightened, and I'm hoping to get to that point by my birthday in February. Ultimately, I'd like to get my waist down to 20" when tight-laced, which doesn't seem unrealistic based on my height/weight and seeing lots of other short ladies lacing down as small as 16." I'm making some major changes to my diet and starting an exercise routine to help me get there, as I've gained about 15 pounds and 2" to my waist this year since my promotion back in January. I'm planning to make waist training a regular feature on my blog so I can document everything from start to finish. I'll check back in next week once I've had the chance to wear the corset for longer stints at a time!


  1. Ah your waist looks amazing! I think if a girl wants to corset then go right ahead! I know a lot of people think its a archaic and we've moved away from that. Im gonna consider getting one when I have a little extra cash cause I have a somewhat hour glass figure because of my hips but I would love to get my waist to cooperate more with that. I also think it would actually make me feel better wearing some dresses. Im gonna look into this company if I do it.

  2. I once said I never wanted to do this, but now I'm considering it. My body shape is an hourglass but I want a LITTLE more of an extreme hourglass. (Not ridiculously extreme) I'm so glad you had a start to research for this! Love your page!


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