Saturday, December 6, 2014

Introducing the Stitch + Bitch Feminist Book Club!

I'm super stoked to announce an idea Meg and I have been working on for a while; the Stitch and Bitch Feminist Book Club! What might this super rad sounding club entail, you may ask? Stitching and bitching of course! That is to say, we'll be reading one bad ass girl power book every month, then getting a group together to knit and discuss what we've read over beer and pizza, you dig?

If you find yourself saying, "Woah! This sounds awesome but you're in Denver and I live in Reno/Chicago/Fargo/Minnesota/Buffalo/ Toronto/Winslow/Sarasota/Wherever, Man," that's okay! We actually have a few friends from out of state who will be joining us via Skype and Facetime as it is, and would love to invite you to dial in using the magic of the interwebz as well.

You'd probably like some more details, yeah?

The first meeting will be held on Saturday, January 10th 2015 from 3PM-5PM MST.

We will be reading and discussing Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman's Guide to Why Femism Matters by Jessica Valenti. You can score yourself a pre-loved copy on Amazon for less than $5.

Since we don't have experience with this whole "leading deep, meaningful discussions" business, we'll be using this discussion guide to lead our banter during the meetup.

I'll be working on this sweet Duotone Cowl during the meeting. Be prepared with your works in progress or new projects in hand.

If this sounds like your jam and you'd like to join, please send me an email at so we can exchange Skype IDs or phone numbers and we'll get you in on the action.

We've got a great in-person group lined up so far, and would love to have some more far-away faces, so don't be shy! Let's make some shit, talk some shit and smash down the patriarchy!

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  1. Pretty rad idea. I'm shy gal so I probably won't dial in but I'd be interested in seeing what books you guys reading and considering picking this one up.


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