Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wishlist // The X Files

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So uhhh... did you guys hear there are some pretty serious talks of the X Files making a comeback on Fox? And if so, how freaking stoked are you?! Personally, I haven't been this excited about anything television-related since I forced Meg to watch "The Red Wedding" with me after promising her no one died in the episode (I suck), and at this point I don't care if the X Files comes back for 4 episodes or 4 seasons, as long as it happens! 

Growing up, we lived next door to my aunt for a few years, and every week I'd get to sneak over to her house to eat cake and watch the newest episode of the X Files after my little sister and her kids went to bed. The X Files was one of my earliest introductions to both sci-fi and horror, and after watching all 9 seasons 3-4 times each over the past few years, I seem to love it more and more the older I get. Truthfully, I could ramble on about my love for Mulder and Scully until I was blue in the face or my fingers fell off from typing them to death, but I'll spare your eyes and ears and leave you with this delightful little wishlist instead. 

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  1. I love this wish list! When I was a kid we watched this together as a family. This show and Sliders were the two sci-fi shows we watched together. I hadn't seen it in soooooo long so I was excited to see the seasons were on Netflix. I've been watching it non-stop lately.


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