Monday, February 23, 2015

Dead Man's Bones

Are you in crazy mad lust with Ryan Gosling? Of course you are! Have you been looking for reasons to fall in love just a little more? Your wish is granted, here you go!

If you weren't aware, he was part of a sweet little two-piece band called Dead Man's Bones for a minute back in 2009. He played piano, guitar, bass, cello and sang under the moniker "Baby Goose," and all of their songs sounded like Halloween. They put out one album in collaboration with the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir, and I recently picked up a copy on vinyl that's been chilling on repeat in my turntable. It's full of love songs about ghosts and monsters, and I'm surprised to find that so few of his fans are aware that this album exists.


  1. OMFG
    I use to follow your blog a few years ago. And you look so diferent now. But I love that I'm really happy that I found your blog again.


  2. Right on! Glad you found me again and thank you for the sweet compliment :D



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