Friday, February 13, 2015


Corset: Orchard Corset // Top: Ross // Pants: SlickBlue via Amazon // Beanie: H&M
Wig: Map of Beauty via Amazon // Necklace and Boots: Hot Topic

As an early birthday present, Meg took me to see Marilyn Manson on Wednesday night. I danced far too hard, drank far too little, almost got in a fight, ran into one of my favorite teachers from high school and spent the night partying it up in a cramped little venue with 3,500 other people. This was my second time seeing Manson live and was a far more intimate experience than when I saw him at Red Rocks two years ago with a crowd of nearly 10,000. There were way less theatrics and he spent a lot more time talking to the crowd between songs, which was pretty spectacular. He skipped on playing "The Golden Age of Grotesque" and "Fight Song" (bummer) but did play "mOBSCENE" "The New Shit" and of course "The Beautiful People," so whatever.

This is the outfit I wore to the show, and I more or less felt like a super villainess every second I spent in those leggings, that wig and my corset. Meg realized I could totally cosplay as Black Cat in this outfit if I just added a mask, which I might do if I end up going to Denver ComiCon this year.

I got loads of compliments on my new silver wig, which I ordered just for the occasion. I was really unhappy with the quality of this wig when I first opened it -- half the tracks were sewn shut so I couldn't adjust the size, the netting was visible through the hair and fraying all over the place and the curls pretty much fell apart the second I put it on. After some quick thinking and chopping about 6 inches off with a pair of kitchen shears, it looked a lot better and I was able to hide the rest of the flaws with my beanie. I'm really bummed because the last wig I ordered from this company was incredible. I doubt I'll get more than another wear or two out of this one, and am not sure that I will purchase another wig from this brand again after having two completely different experiences.


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