Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wishlist // Slytherin Pride

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Did you guys really need to be told I'm a Slytherin? Probably not, as I feel I'm a pretty solid exemplification of the house's core traits. Cunning? Most definitely. Ambitious? Check. Resourceful? Oh yes. Interested in the Dark Arts? You got it! Though that doesn't count, and that's a pretty seedy stereotype that gives our house a bad rep. 

I've gotten into my fair share of arguments within the fandom about Slytherin being an "evil" house over the years, mostly because Rowling really only chose to showcase terrible people as the face of Slytherin with characters like Voldemort, the Malfoys and Bellatrix Lestrange. Of course, we found out in the end that our dear Half Blood Prince really was a good guy all along during the final book in the series, but that doesn't change the fact we were all led to believe he was basically just a giant, traitorous douchebag for years until you know, he died. And then everyone felt bad for like five seconds before moving on (RIP Never Forget).

RANT! Maybe it's just my house bias showing, but I've always felt that Gryffindor was really the house all the assholes were sent to. Take a look at the Marauders, often regarded as heroes, who spent years ganging up on Snape, engaging in such harmless pranks as sexual assault and attempted murder. Or Hermione, who lured Umbridge straight to a herd of wild centaurs fully knowing what would likely happen to her being well-versed in their mythology. Fred and George nearly killed a Slytherin student after locking him in a vanishing cabinet, which was a total riot to fans. And here's a complete list of reasons everyone's favorite Headmaster is actually a giant jerk. So there. END RANT!

In any event, I put together this nifty little wishlist after spending the past few Friday evenings drinking champagne, knitting house scarves and marathoning the film series with Meg, my favorite Hufflepuff (did you know Slytherin and Hufflepuff are actually the two houses most compatible as friends?) We're currently planning a trip out to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter next winter, and I hope I have all of these things to bring along with me to show off my house pride while getting down on some butterbeer and chocolate frogs. I totally cheated a little bit by adding the Tom Felton shirt to this wishlist... because I already bought it! It was a limited edition thing Tom designed himself for charity, and it should actually be arriving on my doorstep this week (via owl post, I wish!). My friend Dominique ordered one too, so we'll be twinning it up at this week's staff meeting like the complete dorks we truly are. 


  1. Oh my god. The Half Blood Prince just broke me.

    Also totally agree with you about Slytherins getting a bad rep. Every house had their bad eggs ;) Tell you what though, I've struggled to find Hufflepuff things!
    Amii x

    1. My best friend has had the same issue with finding Hufflepuff things! They're kind of the forgotten house of Hogwarts which sucks because I think they're one of the best! I mean, the Triwizard cup chose a Hufflepuff to compete, and their entire house stayed for the battle of Hogwarts!

      I have found some really cool Hufflepuff gear over on Redbubble and Etsy! Maybe check those out!

  2. It upsets me when Slytherin is referred to as "the evil house". It's the epitome of "they turn you into a monster, and then they call you one". Not cool!


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