Monday, March 2, 2015

24 Before 25 // Recap

It's a total trip that it's already been a year since I put together this goal list, and I'll admit I didn't use that year nearly as productively as I'd hoped. I never even got started on 95% of these goals! However, I did accomplish the two most important ones, and I'm content with that. I'll be pulling a few of these and adding them to the goal list I'm putting together for 25, because I feel like I'll be able to put more focus on the little ones now that the big obstacles are taken care of. It was kind of hard to make time for things like knitting and growing bonsai trees while struggling to find a place to live and passing math for the first time ever, you know?

Go back to school -- for real this time // Yes yes yes! I did it! I really did it! I am just over a month into my second semester of school, so I'm almost at the halfway point in my general education! Exactly one year from now I'll be formally applying to my school's Mortuary Science program and worrying myself sick over whether or not I'll be accepted. After years of putting off this goal, I finally did it, and there are no words to express how happy I am that I did.

Find and move into a house with Zack // I sure did! It took over three years of dating for us to take the plunge into cohabitation, and today I'm writing this on a gorgeous 1940s sofa in our living room. Our. That's such a weird word I'm still getting used to. Our house, our bills, our dog, our life. Living together has been a strange and exiting experience that's better than I could have ever imagined. 

Stay smoke free and develop healthier habits // Nope. I made it to the three month mark and then I started smoking again like a big stupid. I did recently start a diet plan where I eat clean, whole foods with no dairy 6 days per week and eat tons of pizza the other though, so that's something.  

Get a memorial tattoo for my Nana -- and visit her grave // This is the one goal I feel really bad for not accomplishing. 

Read 52 books // Not even close! With the exception of the two books I read for book club, all I read were textbooks, Facebook updates and Fanfiction.  

Sew 10 skirts or dresses -- and learn how to use my sewing machine // Nope.

Volunteer at a farm animal sanctuary // No, but I will be volunteering at a goat farm one Saturday per month this year!

Hike 100 50 Miles // :Insert maniac laughing: Nope. Unless walking to and from class counts, I didn't hike a single mile. Bummer.

Knit or crochet a blanket // No, but I hand-knit a shit ton of Christmas scarves and hats, so IDGAF

Go on at least one road trip with Meg // Nope, but there are plans to change that this year!

Start a flower and vegetable garden // Z and I didn't move until the fall, so it was way too late to attempt this goal by the time we had the space to make it happen. 

Write a submit a short story for publication in an anthology // I've still got that draft sitting on my hard drive :(

Start learning a second language // Meg and I found an ecourse in Dothraki... does that count?

Grow and tend a Bonsai tree without killing it // Nope.

Collect, copy, print and organize family photos // My friend Caitlin helped me start this one by putting together all of my old photos from Scotland, but she did all the work!

Expand my collections -- oddities, tarantulas, books, etc // Yes! I got two new tarantulas, Lunatone and Nyx! I also got a bunch of new oddities including a prosthetic leg and a Death's Head Moth, as well as a bunch of new books to read this year. 

Spend a day as a tourist in my own city // No.

Attend at least three expos, festivals or conventions // I did not, but I've got plans to attend Frozen Dead Guy Days,Repticon and the Mile High Horror Film Festival for real this year.

Start, keep and complete an art journal // Ain't nobody got time for that.

Visit seven new cemeteries or abandoned places // Only visited 2/7. Boo.

Learn, perfect and record 10 new ukulele covers // I learned tons of new songs and posted a few bits on Instagram, but I did not record any real covers.

Improve and strengthen relationships with everyone I love // Yes! I've always had a great relationship with Zack and Meg, but I've struggled a lot in relationships with everyone else. I can officially say this last year has brought my sister and I closer than we've ever been before, and I'm so grateful for that. For years we've been strained at best, and now she's one of my best friends. It's wonderful.

Make a legitimate effort to blog more // :Slow clap: I still suck at this.

Continue improving my mental health and live a happier, more productive and fulfilling life that I can be proud of // Yes... and no. I am no longer participating in DBT nor am I taking antidepressants. That was my decision and it's been both good and bad since I made it about 9 months ago. I wish I hadn't stopped before we moved, as the house hunt and starting school transitions were extremely hard on my mental health. I really wish I'd had that kind of support while dealing with that stuff, but I feel okay now that it's over. Today I'm proud of how many good days I have without therapy or antidepressants, and I really am proud of all I've accomplished this year all by myself. Bad days are rare and far between, and good days are my new normal for the first time in my life. 

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