Friday, March 6, 2015

Adventures in Waist Training Part II

This post has been delayed and sitting in my drafts a lot longer than I'd hoped (a few months longer, ughh), mostly because I was absolutely terrible at keeping up with my waist training back in November/December with the holidays and such. By the time I finally took out my CS411 again, I'd gained and then lost a few pounds, my natural waist was about an inch off from where it had been and I basically had to completely season the corset all over again to get it to fit properly. After about two weeks of wearing it daily for two hours at a time, I was able to start wearing it in public, and I've pretty much been trying to find reasons to wear it out any chance I get!

I've become pretty active in the online waist-training community over the past month or so, and I've found that most ladies are big fans of "stealthing" -- or wearing their corsets under loose clothes so no one can tell they're wearing them. I'm not sure why it hasn't really grown on me. Maybe I'm just still such a newb that I feel like I need to show it off. I still can't lace down all that small in proportion to my size, but I feel oddly empowered and awesome when I'm wearing it over my clothes for people to see. I currently lace to about 23.5" when I want to be really comfortable (when I went to Manson and wore it for 7 hours straight, for example), and to about 22.25" when I want to lace up tightly for short periods of time. I'll admit I'm really lazy about wearing it for extended periods of time still, mostly because of my aversion to stealthing, which is definitely impeding on my goal of getting this sucker closed. Over the next few weeks, I really want to push myself to wear it more -- including to work, which will force me to go stealth giving that I work in an environment that's far more professional than I am. I notice that my back tends to hurt less while wearing it since it forces me to break my terrible habit of slouching, and since I sit at a desk all day, I figure it's probably not too shabby an idea to wear it to work. I doubt I'll ever become one of those hardcore lacers who wear their corsets 23 hours a day, but if I can get up to 8-10 hours at a time, that would be swell.

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