Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ghost + Gypsy

Just stopping by to post a few pictures I took of my ratties while we were having a cheese and cracker picnic in the yard today. We've been having some health issues with Ghost, and I've been trying to give them both some extra attention the past few days. Ghost developed a sore on her leg about a week ago that we were hoping was just an abscess, but after going to the vet last night we discovered it is actually a small tumor After a ton of crying and cursing, we have decided to have it removed, and she's all set and scheduled for surgery  this coming Thursday. The vet assures us it will be quick and easy and she should heal swiftly, but it's still absolutely nerve wracking. We've had such a wonderful year with these two girls and I'm not ready to say goodbye just yet :( Here's hoping to speedy, painless recovery for my sweet little red-eyed lady.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wishlist // Winter is Coming

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Sunday, you guys! After months of waiting, it's finally time for Game of Thrones and I couldn't be more stoked. My mind is buzzing with fan theories and my ovaries are buzzing with some John Snow lust. Meg and I are talking about dressing as Lady Crows and hitting up Rave of Thrones when it comes through Denver this Friday, but realistically we'll probably just end up staying in and playing Skyrim like mature grownups instead. 
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