Saturday, May 30, 2015

Denver Comic Con 2015

Last Thursday I woke up to a text from my friend Shay offering Meg, Z and I free passes to Denver Comic Con, and naturally, we were all too happy to accept. This sparked an intense 24 hour craft-a-thon as Meg and I scrambled to throw together last minute cosplays because there was no way I was going to my first comic convention in street clothes. I dressed up as Black Cat, and she went as Poison Ivy. I overnighted the wig and catsuit from Amazon, then made the mask, gloves and bootcuffs. The corset is my CS411 which I have previously featured here and here. Meg's costume was far more ambitious, and was 100% made from scratch -- dress and all -- in just one day.

We only had Sunday passes so it was impossible to see and do everything. We did a round of SciFi Speed Dating which was equal parts awkward and awesome, but missed out on all of the panels and events I had hoped we'd squeeze into the schedule. I failed as photographer, and barely took any pictures of the day. A bunch of people asked to pose for photos which was a totally new and weird experience I hadn't really expected, so somewhere out there are a lot more photos of me all dressed up and super villainy that I'll likely never see. Bummer.

Comic Con was an absolute blast, and we're already making plans for our next convention! I'm planning a pretty epic Pokemon cosplay for Nan Desu Kan in September, and I'm super stoked to have more time to put something together next time around!

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