Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Birthday, Rats!

A few weeks ago marked one year since we rescued Ghost and Gypsy, but since Ghost was still recovering from surgery it just kind of sneaked by. After nearly a month of having to be kept separately in her post-op tank, Ghost was finally healed enough last night to rejoin Gypsy in their cage, and we decided it would be fun to throw them a little party to celebrate both occasions. I made them a bunch of new hammocks and redecorated the whole cage as their big present. Since their cage is set up in my craft room and I'm a dweeb, it's all Halloween-themed to match the rest of the room. They also got some new toys and treats and we let them share a few bites of mini cupcake, which they loved! I know a rat birthday party probably seems really silly, but I figure their lives are too short to care about such nonsense. Let them eat cake.

I'm so happy that Ghost's surgery saga has finally come to an end, There were a lot of complications which made healing a far longer process than it should have been. About a week ago, we found another mass on the other side of her body and have opted not to put her through another surgery because the first was so hard on her. We are trying a more holistic approach to try to slow its growth and have noticed it making a difference already. She's in amazingly high spirits and acts like she doesn't even notice the little bump, so we're really just focusing on maintaining this quality of life for her for as long as possible.


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